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 In the last few weeks the song Put Your Records On by Ritt Momney (not Mitt Romney…) has been attached to the TikTok challenge #10SecondVS which sees users start to create a seemingly crass makeup tutorial in the first ten seconds of the video, but then transforms into a perfect outcome on the drop of the beat of the music. Although the hashtag #10SecondsVS only has 1.4k uses on Instagram, content associated with the same hashtag on TikTok has been used viewed 3.7b times. Although a lot of content is trying to piggy back off the success of this hashtag challenge, it highlights the association of music, fashion and beauty and users willingness to recreate an engaging hashtag challenge on TikTok, and although we’re not currently operating on the platform this should be a consideration for future content on all social media platforms.

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