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The literal translation of Bella Vista in Italian is “beautiful view”, well social media doesn’t always offer a beautiful view. Sometimes it can be far from it, however here at Bella Vista Social Media we want to give you a better outlook on your social media. We provide superior subject knowledge to help you achieve a higher level of social media understanding.

We offer you the opportunity to tap into 10+ years of experience, not only looking at social media vision, strategy and tactics, but also helping you to consider the wider ethical and mental health implications of social media on society through training and education of organisations, communities and individuals of all ages. This is all formulated from working with social media teams at some of the most successful organisations and businesses in the world.

Here at Bella Vista Social Media we have first hand experience in some of the most innovative and forward thinking industries. This includes retail, e-commerce, sport and media, collaborating with some of the biggest lifestyle brands in the world. Gain a better outlook with Bella Vista Social Media.

About John

John is the founder of Bella Vista Social Media. He possesses a wealth of knowledge that can’t just be Googled. With over a decade of experience working in social media, he offers a refreshing no-nonsense view on all things social media and marketing related. 


John has experience across a range of different industries, but most notably spent three seasons as Head of Social Media for Manchester United, establishing strategy and best practice at the club and achieving a record breaking one billion interactions in a single season. 


John holds an MA in Strategic Communication and an MSc in Multi-channel Retail, and combines his academic learnings with real world industry experience to offer a creative yet analytical perspective when it comes to campaign planning and content creation. 


Often shying away from the limelight of the new wave of social media “experts”, John has been the driving force behind large organisational change of inhouse culture and social media strategy. 


His inspiration for Bella Vista Social Media came from years of pivoting the mindset of traditional marketing and sales oriented organisations to social media savvy enterprises who educate their employees to understand the impact of their content.