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Google introduces song matching via humming, whistling or singing… amongst other things.

🎤 Although not technically social media, the impact of Google’s latest updates to their search functionality will have an impact across all things tech and media related. The main callouts from their Google Presents: Search On 2020 video, which was launched yesterday, are based around the use of AI to improve search, a new algorithm to better handle the typos in your queries (apparently 1 in 10 searches they receive features a typo!), as well as updates to Google Lens and other image search-related tools. However the headline a lot of media outlets are running with is around the ability to hum a song and the Google Assistant will try to find the right song for you. In relation to content we produce for our social media channels this emphasises the importance of using original tracks and music rather than use of royalty free archive tracks.

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