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Why Meghan Markle quit social media


šŸ›‘ Ā The Duchess of Sussex recently spoke at TIME 100 Talks about her personal digital experience in which she referenced ā€˜loud and damaging bad voicesā€™ as a factor for deleting personal social media accounts, although her and husband Harry continue their official Sussex Royal accounts. What was discussed isnā€™t new, but it cites the proliferation of ā€œtrollā€ culture over the last 30 years which affects not just celebs, but everyday social media users. Strategically speaking a need for an extra layer of support when working with KOLs, influencers, or anyone who has a public facing image online, should be considered. This support could factor in possible negative comments or reactions received by individuals online during the planning stage of a campaign, or be part of a post campaign debrief discussion.Ā 

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